McClatchy Jan 5, 2023 2:59:00 PM

Why You Should Invest in Recruitment Marketing More Than Ever


Employees hold an increasing amount of power, making their choices hold more considerable sway with employers. That influence makes the things they care about, like values, company culture, well-being, and work-life balance, sometimes over salary, hold more sway. They are looking for more appreciation and a place to grow their professional skills while advancing their career. Some even match their personal values with that of their company.

As a result, companies must put in more effort to attract suitable candidates and make their recruitment messaging heard. More than 9 out of 10 employers report their struggle to fill positions within their business. You must stand out and reach the right talent to avoid the same problems — which is the most significant benefit of recruitment marketing. 

Here's why it is more important than ever to ramp up your efforts with our top recruit marketing tips to get you seen! 

The Importance of Recruitment Marketing

The importance of recruitment marketingRecruitment marketing helps you reach better candidates and increase awareness of your company. Reaching candidates where you will be more likely to stand out when not on a jobs-only platform — i.e., social media, email, display ads, etc. — will help you increase brand awareness for your company while building a connection with potential candidates. 

This type of marketing has always been beneficial because you can't attract the best of the best if they don't know you exist. Recruitment marketing is just like traditional marketing in that it communicates your value to your audience (candidates instead of customers) to choose you (to work for instead of purchase from).  

Now, more than ever, worldwide talent shortages have emphasized the importance of recruitment marketing. Not only are we currently experiencing the highest talent shortage in 16 years, but Korn Ferry reports continued struggles into 2030.  

Tips to Conduct Recruitment Marketing

Tips for recruitment marketingNot just any recruitment marketing strategy will get you in front of the competition. Most businesses have already ramped up their efforts to attract more team members. To help you stand out more, we have some helpful tips for delivering a flawless campaign.  

Target Ads to Your Ideal Candidate  

If you have a target customer, create a target candidate to note the quality of hire, skills, experiences, and values you want to bring to your company. While you won't need as many personas for one position as you may need for one product, getting the few you need correct is much higher because the wrong candidate can hold your company back from its full potential.  

We recommend: 

  • Thoroughly evaluating the candidate you need 
  • Detailing who that ideal candidate is 
  • Using that insight to reach and resonate with that candidate in your ad's messaging  

Reach People Already in Jobs  

Recruitment marketing to candidates already in jobsPeople in roles already have work experience and have had their reliability tested. Plus, passive job seekers —currently employed and not actively looking for a job — make up an incredible 70% of the job market! They account for too many to ignore. 

We recommend that you tailor your ads to people looking for a change or expanded experiences by highlighting the unique values your company can offer them over what they may currently have.  

Showcase Your Company Culture  

Showing company culture in recruitment adsDid you know that 46% of job seekers cite company culture as one of the most important factors when looking for a new employer? It ensures they're the right fit for your team, which means less employee turnover and significantly better employee retention.  

We recommend you use your recruitment ads to show off your company culture and demonstrate why you're a great workplace. You can do this with testimonials (employee-generated content) and behind-the-scenes looks into the people that have made your company what it is today (and your appreciation for them!).  

Place Ads on Non-Crowded Platforms  

image-png-Nov-16-2022-04-52-43-6532-PMIt's helpful to target job seekers on popular platforms like job boards, and you'll undoubtedly get some hits. However, expanding your reach to non-crowded platforms helps you reach more talent with your message. It also enables you to reach those candidates more prone to look for jobs rather than actively checking job boards passively. When done right, you'll have better odds of reaching the perfect candidate for your open position.  

Recruitment ads stand out more on audio and digital platforms that do not typically carry them, making them reach candidates better. Take, for instance, placing ads on the radio and in the news. These mediums reach working people, helping you achieve a more relevant group when you target topics pertinent to your brand and your ideal candidate.  

Grow a Perfect Team with Recruitment Marketing 

Perfecting your recruitment marketing takes talent, skill, experience, and expertise. Most (if not all) businesses know and likely have already experienced the hardships of a global talent shortage. Asa result, most have already begun their recruitment marketing efforts. By partnering with McClatchy, you can tap into our expertise to ensure you don't waste time filling your positions. Contact us to get started! New call-to-action