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Sponsored Content Solutions

McClatchy has the audience and expertise to
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A Tried-and-True Method for Audiences to Visit Your Brand

By aligning with trusted brands or creators, sponsored content will enhance your marketing campaign and integrate seamlessly into the content landscape, presenting itself as a valuable resource for engagement and brand-loyalty.
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Increase in Brand Engagement

Types of Sponsored Content

Companies can sponsor multiple types of content on a variety of platforms.


Brands can collaborate with bloggers in their niche, inserting their message seamlessly into the existing narrative.


From product reviews to tutorial videos, brands can seamlessly integrate into the content by collaborating with video creators.


Deliver your brand message in a conversational and authentic tone, resonating with the audience on a personal level.

Social Media

Brands can organically integrate their products into the influencer’s content, reaching a vast and engaged audience.


Native provides content that is engaging and valuable and matches the nature, form, function, and feel of the content.


Sponsored articles tell quality, memorable stories that stick with readers for far longer and ultimately garner results.


Identify Your Target Audience

Get specific on the characteristics of your target audience, such as their gender, age, education, income, or location. For example, if your product appeals to young professionals making six figures or more in the Dallas area, tailor your content accordingly.

Interests and Hobbies
Explore what interests and intrigues your audience. If you are an art dealer, you might consider targeting individuals interested in home decor, travel, and the arts.

Behavioral Patterns
Analyze how your audience behaves online. Are they more active on Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn? Knowing where they spend their time will guide your choice of platforms for content distribution.

Set Clear Objectives

Brand awareness
Introduce your art to a broader audience and establish recognition.

Lead generation
Encourage potential buyers to express interest or provide contact information for future engagement.

Sales conversion
Drive direct sales through your campaign.

Choose the Right Platform

Instagram and Pinterest
Ideal for visually engaging content, showcasing your art, and connecting with an audience interested in aesthetics and home decor.

A platform for connecting with professionals interested in art for office spaces or corporate settings.

Blogs and websites
If your audience is more likely to engage with written content, consider sponsored blog posts or articles.

Find the Right Partner

Partner with individuals who share a passion for similar interests as your ideal customer, ensuring authenticity in content promotion.

Industry experts
Collaborate with professionals who can integrate your offerings into their recommendations.

Engage with forums and online communities where your target customer demographic gathers to foster genuine connections.

Monitor and Analyze

Designated landing pages
Create specific landing pages for your campaign to track visitor behavior and conversions.

Social media analytics
Leverage platform analytics to monitor engagement, reach, and interactions.

Customer surveys
Collect feedback from your audience to understand their sentiments and preferences.

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