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political and advocacy marketing campaigns

Amplify Your Message: Engage Readers Across Multiple Channels

Make every word count in your political and advocacy campaigns. Tailored to reach voters locally and nationally, we ensure your message resonates across the most influential platforms. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality ensures that every message is crafted with precision and clarity. Transparency is at the heart of what we do, building trust and credibility in every campaign. But it's our passion for storytelling that truly sets us apart, creating compelling narratives that resonate with voters and drive results. With McClatchy, your campaign is not just heard, it's remembered. 

Visibility of Your Campaign

Developing Lasting Relationships

Awareness and Recognition

Creating Loyalty and Trust

Complimentary Data Solutions

Optimizing Campaigns with Our Data Solutions: Insights That Make a Difference

Core Audiences

Demographics and concentrations of key stakeholders

Voter File Data

Target audience segments with voting history


A review of your website and digital touchpoints


Media propensities, interests, and digital journeys.

Market Position

Competitor analysis of market share and marketing activities

Blog & Resources

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