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Welcome to McClatchy Advertising, where expansive digital reach meets impactful storytelling.

With McClatchy, your brand gains exclusive access to our distinctive audiences, cutting-edge digital strategies, and engaging local content sponsorships, among other valuable resources.

Our focus is on propelling your business towards unparalleled success through targeted advertising solutions.


McClatchy Premium Display Network 

Network display campaigns offer unique ways to target your message and elevate your brand's visibility and awareness on trusted, local media sites. Benefit from McClatchy Display advertising, which allows ads to appear in high-traffic areas like the side rail of our web pages, ensuring maximum visibility​​.


McClatchy Premium 
Video Network

With its extensive reach and targeted advertising capabilities, the McClatchy Video Network allows you to reach and engage with your desired audience effectively. McClatchy Video advertising leverages premium positioning to captivate audiences with dynamic content.


McClatchy Premium 
Native Network

Native provides engaging and valuable content that matches the nature, form, function, and feel of the content. McClatchy Native advertising integrates seamlessly into our content, offering a more natural and engaging user experience.
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Strategic Targeting Opportunities

To ensure that your advertising resonates with the audience that's right for you, McClatchy offers a variety of strategic targeting opportunities. This encompasses everything from Content-Based and Consumption-Based Audiences to Demographic-Based Targeting, leveraging first and third-party data integration for precision marketing campaigns​​.

Site & Section Targeting
You can run your ads across all McClatchy properties, on specific sites, or even down to the section or page level.

Geographic Targeting
Target audiences based on country, state, DMA, or county.

Demographic Personas
Refine your audience using parameters like age, gender, household income, and homeownership details.

Content Consumption Patterns
Reach audiences interested in specific topics, such as business, health, senior living, and sports.

1st and 3rd Party Data
Leverage data from subscriber behaviors, content consumption, and reader frequency.


Social Media Marketing

Engage users and grow your presence across your most popular social platforms, building your brand in the process.

Digital TV (OTT & CTV)

Combine connected TV with cross-device inventory on a premium ecosystem of full-episode player sites and apps.

Web Development

Create sites with fast, responsive performance and enhanced usability to ensure positive online engagements with your business.

Native & Branded Content

Build trust by positioning your high-quality content alongside our award-winning, highly relevant journalism.

Programmatic Advertising

Effectively and efficiently reach a narrowly targeted audience with digital banner ads across a broad network of sites.

Video Pre-Roll

Tell your story, effectively reaching your target audience on a diverse network of sites before they watch sought-after content.

Staffing Solutions

Find the right talent for your team quickly and easily by leveraging a full platform of digital products and recruitment solutions.


Compete with the most successful results in search engines and generate quality leads with targeted keyword strategies.


Improve your site's usability and relevance to rank higher in keyword searches, letting your customers find you organically.

Digital Audio

Build awareness through streaming audio, radio and podcasts to connect with audiences on the move.

Email Marketing

Inbox access via high-quality, double-opted-in lists combined with best practices for subjects, content and deployment.

Reputation Management

Our team will work to manage reviews and correct inaccuracies about your business across the web.

brand safety

Brand Safety and Effective Campaigns

Brand safety is a cornerstone of the McClatchy difference. *A recent study highlighted that ads placed on trusted, well-respected, high-quality news sources significantly enhance brand favorability, research, and purchase intent, ensuring brand safety and amplifying your campaigns' effectiveness.

*Source: Forbes Forbes' Advertising In Reliable News Sources Provides Stronger Brand Effectiveness


Next Leads

B2B lead gen efforts reimagined with Intent Data

We bypass generating awareness with broad audiences by instead targeting buyers who demonstrate intent. Our unique approach works by communicating directly with buyers as they evaluate solutions that align with their business. Utilizing an intent data-driven strategy has a greater impact compared to traditional lead gen, and tells you which leads to prioritize.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

Here's what our clients have to say.

Our sales increased 18% in 2020 and 60% in 2021

We changed our partner a year ago and during that time our sales increased 18% in 2020 and 60% in 2021 . . . McClatchy's team was and still is a valuable catalyst in our multi-pronged marketing program to make that happen.

McClatchy Client

Portland, OR

McClatchy marketing our #1 source for leads

Our McClatchy marketing strategies have become our #1 source for leads - what a great ROI!

McClatchy Client

Multi-Market / National

Immediate uptick in web traffic and engagement

We noticed an immediate uptick in web traffic and engagement with the campaign launch. Access to the dashboard and monthly reports provide invaluable analytics to quantify results. We were excited to recently renew our contract with McClatchy.

McClatchy Client

South Carolina

The team offers valuable market research

Over the years, we’ve built a strong relationship with the McClatchy digital team. They are just as dedicated to a campaign’s success as we are. The team takes the time to get familiar with the complexities of the services that we are promoting and offers valuable market research. In turn, that helps us develop creative solutions and ensure we’re reaching our target audience.

McClatchy Client

North Carolina
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