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The Audience You Need on Platforms You Can Trust

Here at McClatchy our tens of millions of monthly users come to us as a trusted source for information in their local communities. We take pride in that trust and seek to find the right partnerships with advertisers for our audience.


Content Consumption Based Audience

We've analyzed the user behavior of our readership and designed audience segments to pinpoint the users who are repeatedly reading content related to popular advertising categories. You can use our audience segments to reach the users most likely to resonate with your ad across all types of content, increasing your brand exposure with these focus users.



Demographic Based Audience

Take the guesswork out of audience targeting. Choose from different personas to hit exactly the life situation that matters to your product or service.


  • Business Credit Cards
  • Business Finance
  • Business General
  • Business Job Seekers
  • Business Mortgage
  • Business Real Estate
  • Business Technology
  • Senior Living
  • Local Business
  • Retail/Shopping
  • Automotive
  • Gambling & Casinos
  • Cannabis
  • Home Renovations
  • Home
  • Food Grocery & Cooking
  • Food Restaurants & Bars
  • Health Fitness and Healthy Living
  • Health Healthcare
  • Health Insurance/Open Enrollment
  • Living Black Community Content
  • Living Performing Arts
  • Living Pets
  • Living Travel
  • Living Upcoming Events
  • Living Weather
  • News Education
  • Politics All Types
  • Politics Local
  • Politics National
  • Politics State
  • Sports All Types
  • Sports College Basketball
  • Sports College Football
  • Sports High School Sports
  • Sports Pro Baseball
  • Sports Pro Basketball
  • Sports Pro Football
  • Sports Pro Hockey




Learn About Demographic Based Audiences at McClatchy

Below is just a sampling of the demographic personifications available through your partnership with McClatchy.
For a full capability discovery, please contact us for a consultation.


Almost Empty Nesters

Parents with kids nearing adulthood who are planning for their next chapter.

This audience may be interested in higher education recruiting, travel and future hobbies, and services to prepare their kids for adult life.


Low Income Singles

Lower income, single adults trying to succeed and enjoy their lifestyle on a budget.

This audience may be price leaders for essential services, deals and discounts, and seeking career growth opportunities.


Single Mothers

Single women balancing a career and motherhood who have to work and also lead their household.

In need of products and services that make life more convenient. Possibly seeking sales, wholesome food items, and educational toys.


Double Income No Kids

Couples living together with no kids, flexible schedules and a higher household income.

This audience has disposable income and may be seeking ideas for travel, dining, recreation and luxury items.


Young Married Couples

These young couples are newlyweds who are just getting started building their life together.

This audience may be interested in shopping for furniture or homegoods and seeking real estate agents or travel.


Low Income Families

These are young families where financial consciousness is at the forefront of their minds.

They have a future to plan for with limited resources, possibly interested in government programs, household essentials.


High Income Families

These are parents with disposable income trying to make the most of family time.

This may be a good target audience for travel, local events, gifts, and family friendly destinations.


Mega Parents

These single parents have full hearts and full schedules–multiple children and a household.

This may be a good audience for household items, children's toys, education, and streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, etc.)


Affluent Seniors

These are adults over 65 who enjoy and have the expendable income for the finer things in life.

This audience may be interested in leisure travel, cruises, vacation real estate, home and landscaping services.


Established Families

These are families, possibly with older children, that live firmly in the upper middle class.

This may be a good target audience for entertainment, retail, home improvement, and professional home services.


Juggling Families

These are families with multiple children to raise and competing schedules to manage.

A true juggling act, these families may be in need of professional home services, automotive services, food and beverage.


Spanish Speaking

These are people and families who speak and/or read in Spanish.

This group may be interested in political/advocacy, education, entertainment, and multi-lingual businesses.

Can't find  Demographic Personas that fit your audience?
You can also build your own audience based on age, gender, income, homeownership details, occupation, presence of children, and more.

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