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Next Leads

B2B Lead Generation

There are businesses in active research mode for your company's products or services. Intent-driven lead generation allows companies to engage directly with potential buyers as they research and evaluate solutions that align with their business.

Marketers experience 3x to 5x greater impact than average by utilizing intent-driven audience and data technology.

McClatchy Next Leads: Precision Lead Generation for the Digital Age

McClatchy Next Leads is revolutionizing B2B sales and marketing strategies by harnessing online behavior as a robust indicator of purchase intent. Our solution identifies and curates sales and marketing leads, offering them at an affordable, fixed per-lead cost. This innovative approach ensures that businesses connect with potential customers demonstrating a genuine interest in their products or services​​.


Intent driven market intelligence targets purchasers demonstrating active interest.


Take the guesswork out of marketing by nurturing relevant leads and driving demand through content touch points.


Convert more leads by automatically sourcing a defined number of monthly leads.

Why Choose McClatchy Next Leads?


Cutting-Edge Lead Qualification
We measure engagement and interaction across campaigns to deliver the highest quality leads. Our advanced AI process filters out security bots, ensuring the authenticity of every lead delivered​​.

Dynamic Lead Nurturing
Our lead nurturing program employs a series of Value-Based Relationships (VBR) messages and content, guiding leads through the pipeline. This process typically involves 8-10 touchpoints before a lead becomes sales-ready.

Programmatic Tactics
We utilize a range of programmatic tactics like Domain Inclusion, 3rd Party Audiences, Geo Radius, Location Audiences, and more, ensuring a tailored approach to each campaign​​.

How McClatchy Next Leads Works

Our system identifies leads like Jane Smith, a small business owner actively researching business loans, indicating strong buying intent. In contrast, Charlie Lamb, another business owner reading related articles casually, shows lesser intent. This differentiation allows us to target and nurture leads based on their demonstrated interest levels​​.

Company Name

Know exactly which organizations are showing interest in your offerings.

Lead Name and Title

Personalize your approach with the name and professional title of the lead.

Email and Contact Information

Direct channels to initiate contact and begin nurturing the lead.

Department and Domain

Understand the business segment of your leads for tailored messaging.

Industry and Company Size

Gain insights into the industry and the scale of the organization.

Company Revenue

A critical metric to assess the potential value of each lead.


This comprehensive data set equips you with the knowledge you need to effectively nurture and convert leads into valuable business relationships.


Ongoing Campaigns: Evolving with Your Business

McClatchy Next Leads continuously updates the leads database with new buying intent, helping develop your brand as a thought leader. This ongoing process is instrumental in converting customers faster and more predictably, using advanced content engagement strategies and conversion rate optimization​​.

Ready to connect with businesses poised to buy? Discover your next lead today with McClatchy Next Leads.

Discover the Next Generation of Lead Management

McClatchy’s Next Leads intent-driven lead gen service allows companies to engage with buyers in our network using relevant content as they research and evaluate solutions that align with their customer’s business services.

Why Choose Next Leads?

Tailored Solutions
Say goodbye to generic leads! Our strategies are customized to fit your unique business needs, ensuring quality leads that convert.

Expert Guidance
Partner with a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to your success. From strategy development to execution, we've got you covered.

Maximized ROI
We understand the value of your investment. With Next Leads, you'll experience unparalleled ROI as we optimize every aspect of your lead generation campaign.

Transparent Reporting
Stay informed every step of the way with detailed, transparent reporting. Track your progress and witness the impact of Next Leads on your business growth.

Don't let potential opportunities slip away. Join forces with McClatchy and Next Leads to embark on a journey toward unparalleled success!

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