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Digital Audio

Reach more listeners with digital audio.

Adults now spend more time consuming digital audio than radio. Target this audience with streaming audio and podcast advertising.


79% of audio content is consumed during activities where visual media can't reach users, such as driving, biking, shopping and working out.

Audio advertising focuses on building awareness through streaming services such as Spotify, digital radio services like iHeartRadio and podcast services like TuneIn.

Messages play across numerous devices, including mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Smart speakers and displays and more.

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How We Target Audiences with Digital Audio Ads


Narrow your targeted audio advertising down to a handful of ZIP codes for granular marketing.

Genre Targeting

Reach your audience by connecting through their favorite music stations, whether they like hard rock, classical or talk radio.

Demographic Targeting

Broaden the visibility of your brand by connecting with listeners by age, gender and other factors.

Why Advertise with Us?

We'll help you reach your targeted audience through their favorite platform no matter where they are, in your area and beyond.


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