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Programmatic advertising excels at reach and frequency. These ads are proven effective at the top and bottom of the funnel and can include display, native and video advertising elements.

These ads complement conversion-oriented tactics such as pay-per-click or social ads, and they drive broad-based awareness for your brand.

Our programmatic advertising capabilities let you leverage advanced technology such as household-level, location-based and keyword search retargeting. You can even use pixel placement to retarget users as they get closer to converting.

Drive Awareness and Stay Visible

Our programmatic advertising capabilities provide access to the leading inventory sources, exchanges, devices and programs that put billions of impressions across millions of websites worldwide at your fingertips.

Programmatic uses machine learning and real-time bidding to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Data-powered targeting zeroes in on users based on their interests, behaviors and other individual characteristics demonstrated by their online behaviors.

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