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Email Marketing

Drive leads. Use targeted emails.

Targeted email uses third-party email lists for extended reach to double opt-in recipients.


Our email marketing tools have a large canvas that allows for more complex messaging. Its long shelf life also allows users to engage and share at their convenience.

Our email data is cleansed regularly to ensure email delivery. It leverages Postal overlay to match email addresses for improved targeting.

Email marketing with McClatchy also features:

  • 100% CAN-SPAM and DMA compliance to ensure delivery to quality email recipients
  • 100% bot-free delivery
  • 1.5% guaranteed click-through rate (CTR)
  • The option to redeploy to openers or clickers with new creative or subject lines
  • The ability to leverage user data for cross-platform retargeting
  • Matchback reporting offerings with client-provided CRM data

Get Your Email Message Out for Conversions

All of our email strategies are designed to help you reach an audience that will act on your message. Still have questions about what we can help you do?


What Our Customers Say

We changed our partner a year ago and during that time our sales increased 18% in 2020 and 60% in 2021 . . . McClatchy's team was and still is a valuable catalyst in our multi-pronged marketing program to make that happen.

McClatchy Client
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