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Email Marketing Tips Law Firms Can Put in Place Today


Running a law firm is a very specialized, technical business — but it is still a business. That means communication is crucial for law firms to establish themselves and continue success. It involves communicating with current clients to ensure they have the support they need, prospective clients, and potential employees, such as paralegals or law school graduates.

Email marketing provides an excellent channel to nurture and support clients, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and ultimately grow your business. It's also highly cost-effective for your marketing, yielding an ROI of up to $36 or more from every $1 you spend 

Let's discuss how you can lean into this type of marketing in the information below. 

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Benefits of Email Marketing for Law Firms 

Benefits of Email Marketing for Law Firms Email marketing can benefit law firms in several ways. For example, email messages are an efficient and time-saving way for law firms to update clients about changes in their cases. Email can help attorneys reach more accident victims and other individuals searching for attorney services, often with excellent results. One law firm's email campaign achieved an impressive 21% view rate as part of its digital marketing campaign. 

It is also one of the few direct channels businesses have with their customers. Email marketing empowers law firms to share information and thought leadership that bolsters their "brand reputation." Providing value is helpful for new clients by offering them guidance for their issues, making your firm more trustworthy. It may also attract new talent, either still in law school or recently graduated, by helping them learn while new in their studies. You can also improve client retention by offering ongoing advice or guidance they may need at a later point. 

Email Tips for Lawyers 

Email marketing tips for law offices

How can you use email marketing as a law firm to achieve the best possible results? Here are four tips that can help: 

1. Curate an Email Contact List 

Law firms can leverage social media or blog content for lead generation by encouraging prospects to subscribe to an email newsletter. You can create multiple email services for existing clients as well, curating information based on the needs and services you already provide.  

Lawyers should continue to nurture and stay in contact with their clients, realizing that whether or not such clients retain their services again at a future date, their word-of-mouth recommendations can result in more business for the firm in the long run. 

2. Know Who You Want to Reach 

Knowing your target audience for your legal marketing campaignIt's self-evident that understanding who your target audience is will have a profound impact on your email marketing strategy. Attorneys specializing in real estate law will target homebuyers and real estate agents, while those conducting senior law will focus on people getting ready for retirement.  

Knowing who you want to reach will also affect other aspects of your marketing plan, such as which social media channels to prioritize. 

3. Send Out Timed Emails to Clients 

A large percentage of email marketing revolves around "drip campaigns."  These campaigns automatically send pre-written emails to clients and prospects at pre-defined intervals or after they take specific actions. Law firms should invest in these by setting up welcome emails for new clients or subscribers and sending out regular updates via newsletters.  

Emails sent out at regular intervals will help your contacts keep your law firm top of mind. Even if they're not currently in need of your services, you'll be the first person they call when they do need them.  

4. Share In-Depth Content 

How law offices can share in-depth contentSharing in-depth technical content via white papers or guides can help you demonstrate your legal expertise, bolstering trust in your law firm's competence. Tailoring this content to the intended recipients increases its likelihood of resonating with your target audience. After all, an ordinary person won't seek out a lengthy treatise on obscure points of law unless they have a need. However, eBooks, white papers, and other well-written content that are easily understood and value-adding can be a game-changer for your email marketing strategy. 

For example, if you're sending out emails to prospects who may be researching different law firms to represent them, could you discuss a major victory you achieved for another client, along with a brief summary of how you won the case? 

Leverage Email Marketing to Grow Your Law Firm's Business 

Email marketing is an excellent option for keeping in touch with current clients, reaching potential clients, and attracting young talent to the firm. By curating an email contact list, clearly understanding your target audience, implementing "drip campaigns," and sharing in-depth content that demonstrates your expertise, you'll no doubt reap several significant benefits from your email marketing strategy. 

However, setting up email marketing may not be easy to achieve alongside your actual legal work. If so, working with an experienced media partner can help you accomplish this. At McClatchy, our team of marketing experts can help you develop and implement an email marketing plan that will enhance your firm's reputation and ultimately grow your business sustainably. Reach out to us today to learn more about our process. 

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