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Recruiting Strategies for Businesses: How to Hire and Retain Top Talent


Retention has been a popular topic of conversation among business leaders in recent years. Companies are discovering that the high cost of recruiting, hiring, and training replacements is not the only detrimental effect of frequent turnover. They have found it is harder to fill open positions than in years past, and the attrition has a material impact on their employer brand and company culture.  

Quality recruiting helps improve retention by demonstrating your business as a stable, organized workplace. Everything a candidate learns about you, they learn from the internet. Taking control of your recruitment marketing strategies and techniques lets you convey the information candidates want – through your control.  

Clearly Define the Role You Want to Fill  

One of the first but often overlooked recruiting strategies for businesses is crafting a clearly defined job description. You must define the internal role you want to fill beyond a generic title and vague list of tasks the employee will be responsible for executing. Next, you must determine the skill sets that align with those responsibilities to find the candidate types that would work well in that role. Don't forget that you'll also want to carefully consider the personality types that best fit your culture to know which soft skills you want to look for.  

Use Multiple Channels for Recruitment  

There are numerous ways for people to get information today. That means businesses must expand their thinking on where they look for job recruits. Online job boards are great places to find candidates. You want to use a multi-pronged strategy that combines social media, your website, digital ads, and more traditional forms of advertising like print, TV, and radio to reach the most people. Once you've created a detailed job description and the ideal employee persona that would fill it, you can match your creative and ads to appeal to candidates with the skills and personality you want.  

Creating consistent reminders for candidates and making the application process simple increases the likelihood people will complete the application process. Make it easy for candidates to do so, since 92% of applicants never complete the application itself. Using multiple channels and making the process simple increases the likelihood of attracting candidates and getting them to follow through. 

Create a Compelling Description for Candidates  

If you boil any job down to its essential elements, it doesn't make for compelling reading. While it might be great for starting a list of responsibilities, it is not how you attract applicants. Once you clearly define the role, you must make a compelling description to make it sound intriguing to candidates so they can visualize themselves in the new role that will provide stimulating work and future career opportunities. Make sure you have contributions to the recruitment ad from people experienced in the skills you seek, as you don't want to advertise for ten years of experience in a technology or field that is only a couple of years old.   

The recommended time applicants spend filling out job applications is 60 to 90 minutes. To get jobs candidates truly want, they are increasingly selective about what they choose to apply for. Your job description is where you can show them that you’re a worthy place to work. 

Encourage Employee Referrals 

Another of your most effective yet overlooked recruiting strategies for business is leveraging your current employees for referrals. Just like your customer reviews are your most powerful advertising for your company's products or services, your staff is the best, most reliable way for potential candidates to learn about your value as an employer. Offer some incentives to your existing staff to post about open positions on social media or refer friends or acquaintances they know.  

Implement a Seamless Interview Process   

Start with the interview process to present your company in the best light to prospective employees. Make it easy and seamless with clear communication, starting and ending on time. Prepare your questions in advance and tailor them to the specific job skills you seek. It demonstrates internal organization, a respect for the candidate's time and gives them a preview of what it is like to work for your company. 

Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits 

In a tight and highly competitive job market, you must offer competitive wages and benefits to attract candidates. However, candidates value workplace culture almost as highly as wages and benefits. If you can't offer more than your competitors, a healthy, fun, and strong company culture that offers flexible work schedules or other accommodations can make the difference.   

Communicate Throughout and After Interviewing  

Remember that you are also cultivating a talent bank, not just filling one position. Communicate clearly between and after interviews to provide feedback, even if you don't hire the candidate then. Leaving a good impression will keep them watching for future opportunities. 

How To Conduct Recruitment Marketing That Promotes Retention 

Your time and money are essential. To make the best use of both, consider partnering with an experienced firm that can handle the recruitment ads for you. McClatchy is a one-stop shop for helping you recruit top talent quickly and cost-efficiently. Whether you need a specialized skill set for a project or a seasoned executive to take your business to the next level, we can help. Contact us today to get started finding your ideal new hire.  

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