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Innovative Recruiting Solutions for Finding and Hiring Top Talent


Finding and hiring top talent these days is a challenge, literally. Every company seems to be competing for the best candidates. That means that businesses must think differently to reach potential new hires. They must step out of the old paradigm and meet their prospective employees where they are most likely to spend their time and engage them with a compelling value proposition.   

So, what are some innovative ways to recruit employees? Keep reading to discover some unique strategies for connecting with today's job seekers that use out-of-the-box ideas to get great results. 


Let Candidates Apply through Social Media  

Social media has evolved to be more than a way to interact with family and friends or get lost in a rabbit hole of dance videos. Today it is a valuable tool for recruiting. Managers and recruiters find reaching candidates and engaging them in conversations effective. And it helps you reach a broader range of candidates, as 82% of companies use social media to recruit passive candidates. Job seekers are comfortable on the platform and are more likely to see ads, interact with recruiters, and learn about prospective employers.  

Social media is an excellent medium for promoting your company as an employer. It gives job seekers an easy way to share information about themselves and gather more information about potential job openings. Employers can also gather examples of work to assess the candidate's skill level.  

Post Employee Testimonial Videos 

Most people take ad claims with a grain of salt until they verify them—which is why providing social proof is crucial. Job seekers have often seen a company promote its "great workplace" only to find that employees feel differently. The best way to create it is to have videos of your employees talking about their experience with the company and why they think it's the best place to work. For the 75% of candidates who research the company’s reputation before applying, your testimonials will give them more insight into your company culture. 

Testimonials don’t need to be extravagant productions, either. You can encourage employees to record quick videos from their smartphones to create videos more cost-effectively. The informal format could also make the videos and responses feel more natural and acceptable for candidates. Even without posting videos, encouraging employees to make social media posts discussing your positive work environment will also reach candidates. 

Make Games Part of the Interview Process 

Though getting the right fit for your job and your culture is a serious undertaking, the recruiting process is still allowed to be fun.  Give prospective recruits an idea of what it is like to work for a progressive company by making the initial vetting process fun and exciting.  

Invite interested job seekers to test their problem-solving skills with creative puzzles or games. You can put these on your website, search ads, or social media and mine results to see who you can follow up with to provide the next steps for them to follow. You can help your company stand out, which increases the number of applications you’ll get, and also gain insight into the important but less-easy-to-notice skills candidates may have. 

Host Group Activities or Open Houses  

Job seekers are curious or even apprehensive about their work surroundings. Will everyone sit shoulder to shoulder with no privacy? Are there places to get lunch, coffee, or snacks? Is there natural light, or are the rooms basement-like? 

An open house at your office is a good way for prospective candidates to experience what your office offers. They can judge the commute and interact with some of the management and employees. Hiring events can also include activities that simulate job roles or presentations on daily tasks for different roles.  

Text Candidates During While Hiring  

Though unorthodox for those who have been recruiting for many years, texting is a fast and convenient way to communicate. Talking on the phone isn't the first choice for younger candidates – 89% of candidates prefer texting and Millennials and Gen Z see texts as being more personal. They may be more open to communicating with recruiters or managers via text. Try starting conversations by texting or include it as a question during an earlier phase in the application process, then suggest a phone or video call follow-up if there is mutual interest.  

If you are thinking about using text to interact with prospective job candidates, remember to observe some basic rules: 

  • State who you are immediately - "Hi Ethan, I'm Pat, a recruiter with Amazing Tech." 
  • Be concise with your message - "I've seen your resume and have a position I think you'd be perfect for." 
  • Be courteous - Don't bombard them with text strings without asking if texting is their preferred method of communication. 
  • Keep the lines of communication open - Ask if you can stay in touch about this or other opportunities. 

Utilize Unique Recruiting Strategies to Get Noticed by Top Talent 

The job market is changing, and your recruiting strategies must follow suit to help you gain a competitive advantage. Today's job seekers have different ways they like to communicate. They also have access to a vast network of information that lets them research your company and discover your culture. In other words, today's candidates are savvy, and you'll need a robust strategy to reach them.    

At McClatchy, we often get asked about innovative ways to recruit employees, and we are uniquely positioned to answer that question. As the nation's second-largest local media company, we have access to large audiences, digital marketing expertise, local content sponsorships, and vast strategic experience in recruitment marketing. Contact us today to start building a custom recruiting strategy for your business.

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