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How McClatchy Can Connect You to Your Ideal Senior Living Niche

How McClatchy connects with senior living audiences

Senior living is a growing industry, as the population ages and needs to make use of their facilities. However, as the industry grows, so do the different facets of the audience – making it critical to reach the specific niche relevant to your audience.

McClatchy's Premium Audience Network has been curated over decades with rich insights into granular audiences – but at a national scale. This expertise makes it easy to connect your senior living facility can connect to your ideal niche.

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McClatchy’s Tools to Reach Senior Living Audiences

Our expansive coverage spans over 30 markets in 13 states – giving you access to local communities throughout the country. Our omnichannel marketing solutions provide a seamless integration of your message into their daily lives.

Here's a snapshot of our reach:

  • Over 75 million unique digital visitors
  • More than 10 million video views
  • A combined social media following of 7 million

But in addition to reaching such large numbers of people, but the rich insights into them allows you to target your audience granularly. That makes it likely that for each person you reach, they’re more likely to resonate you’re your messaging.

Reaching Senior Living Audiences

By 2030, 20% of the American population will be over 65, and by 2060, 95 million Americans will be of retirement age. The demand for senior living solutions is growing, making it more critical than ever to connect with your specific group.

Increase Occupancy Rates with Targeted Marketing

Our diverse senior living audiences include:

  • Active Adults: Think Baby Boomers or Gen X who are affluent and prefer luxury. They're looking for a place that supports a vibrant lifestyle.
  • Independent Living: These are typically Baby Boomers who value their independence above all else. They're looking for convenience without compromising their autonomy.
  • Assisted Living: This group tends to be older and needs more assistance with daily activities but still has a strong desire to maintain some level of independence.
  • Memory Care: Targeting older adults suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s who need significant care and support.

In many cases, especially for older adults, the decision-makers tend to be their adult children, adding another layer to your marketing strategy. These people tend to be Gen X or older Millennials, who are already established in their careers.

Connect with Your Niche through McClatchy

Utilizing McClatchy’s Premium Audience insights allows you to understand who you need to reach and how to speak directly to them. We help you craft messages that resonate, develop ads that engage, and create content that informs, ensuring your facility stands out in the minds of those searching for the perfect senior living solution.

With McClatchy, you have a partner equipped with the tools, insights, and reach to guide your marketing efforts directly to the heart of your desired audience. It’s time to make your facility the topic of conversation in the communities that matter most to you.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how McClatchy can help you reach your ideal senior living audience.


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