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B2B Marketing Tips Online for Home Furnishings

Furniture store owner reviewing stock
  • December 12, 2023

Furniture store owner reviewing stock

Online assets have streamlined the way to conduct B2B sales, creating shorter customer journeys to help stores restock their supply. 98% of manufacturers have plans for a digital commerce channel to help pave the way for efficiencies. That's good news for those who sell to the public and have continually faced delays in fulfilling customer orders due to supply chain issues.

So, how can furniture companies communicate to other businesses that they have solutions that can help solve some of their most pressing problems? One beneficial tactic is B2B online marketing for home furnishings.

In this blog, we'll discuss strategies you can use today to help set up your website as an online catalog and develop marketing to encourage traffic to your site. 

How B2B Websites Streamline Sales 

Both manufacturers and wholesalers have recognized the importance of having a website that does more than only inform. Using your site to convert visitors to customers helps you maintain a competitive advantage. However, websites must be user-friendly and attractive to make it easy for people to find what they want and purchase.

Marketing to other businesses is critical for directing traffic to the website, whether to learn more about the company's offerings or to make a purchase. But it takes the right strategies and techniques to make the site high-converting. 

Optimize Your Site for SEO and SEM 

First, let's quickly review Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO boosts organic search results by using the most important keywords. However, boosting results organically, though critical, can be a slower process. SEM is the powerful follow-up to SEO that helps boost results through paid ads that focus on keywords that aren't as obvious or that aren't getting as many organic results.

So how does that work? B2B business owners can encourage clicks by optimizing the site for SEO and SEM to attract traffic from store owners looking to restock supplies. One way to do that is by focusing on keywords with commercial intent. Ensure your site prioritizes conversion by encouraging people to purchase. 

Emphasize Your Competitive Advantages 

Another key to success with B2B online marketing for home furnishings is creating an engaging message with a compelling value proposition. You want to stand out among your competition and tell your target customer how your company can solve their problems. Draw them in from the start by stressing your advantages quickly in your messaging. Whether it's shipping capacities like direct-to-consumer or drop-shipping options, multi-lingual ads to showcase wide reach, or shipping tracking capabilities, state what you do well clearly to grab their attention, then you can take the time to give them more information.

For example, instead of starting your copy with "We are the best option for sourcing fine furniture," begin with "We can help you and your customers avoid shipping delays and headaches with our direct-to-consumer or drop-shipping options." Research shows you have a maximum of 10 seconds to grab your target audience's attention. Don't waste it with vague promises – show them the concrete advantages of working with your company. 

Control Ads Through O&O Platforms 

Owned and operated (O&O) platforms are the best way to quickly leverage a vast amount of detailed consumer research. Since these branded websites, email lists, and social media accounts are wholly owned and operated by one company, they have already performed in-depth research and continue to update their data with customer preferences, intent, and purchasing behaviors. Those who subscribe have access to this rich bank of analytics, populated over time by the efforts of many other companies. They can also place ads to their desired audience by getting access from the platform's added audience insight or using a self-serve ad platform to place ads themselves.  

The Best Way To Accomplish Effective B2B Online Marketing for Home Furnishings 

When looking for the best local media company with a national reach, look no further than McClatchy. As the 2nd largest media company in the U.S., we have the audience and the insight you need to ensure marketing success and increase ROI. McClatchy offers options that can help B2B eCommerce advertising, such as self-service capabilities or their AdManager service. AdManager offers helpful features like real-time campaign reporting, custom audiences, and instant access to multi-channel ad placements. 

Contact our team today for a highly effective, cost-efficient platform for conducting B2B online home furnishings marketing. We can walk you through our options so that you can create your campaigns. Should you need more, we can introduce you to our marketing assistance services, such as social media, web development, brand content, SEO, SEM, and much more.

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