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The Advantage of Marketing on O&O Platforms

advantage-of-using-owned-and-operated-ad-platformsOwned and operated (O&O) ad platforms sell ad space on websites or media under their ownership. It can include a company website or other branded resources like email lists, apps, or social media accounts.

While search engine marketing (SEM) or other paid ad techniques are effective in an overall marketing strategy, these owned and operated ad services provide even greater benefits to businesses because they allow more control over marketing and provide in-depth analytics that offers insight into their audience.

Let's explore how O&O platforms can benefit businesses in more detail.

Grow Customer Engagement With O&O Platforms 

Customer engagement is critical for any ongoing concern - and particularly for small businesses. The best way to encourage and sustain a thriving pool of clients is through a premium marketing platform. Owned and operated advertising is a premium platform because it gives you access to efficient marketing to place ads with a deep local reach. Effective ads that reach your target demographic result in improved customer engagement.

Owned and operated platforms are also highly cost-efficient. The combination of reputation, expertise, technology, and access to multiple channels allows small businesses to leverage for greater marketing impact. It is easy to fit your O&O marketing spend into any budget and still experience a considerable return on investment (ROI). When you choose the right platform, your business can experience extraordinary results

One Contact Point Offers Better Control 

Your time is valuable, so optimizing it using the right tools and platforms makes sense. O&O platforms give you access to various ad placements through a single point of contact, whether it's an account executive or self-service. You instantly place ads more efficiently while having access to help should you need it. No more going to multiple sites, tools, or ad managers. 

It's not just time that you can optimize with owned and operated ad services. The lower overhead and broad audience of owned and operated ad services can also improve cost efficiency. Getting your ads in front of the right audience when you need them at a more favorable cost means improved ROI on your ad spend.

Gain Access to Better Analytics

Data helps you improve your message by giving you deep, critical insight into your target customers. That knowledge enables you to craft the right message and tells you where your audience will most likely encounter and respond to it and how well it performs. Real-time campaign reporting ensures you get the most out of your ad spend by learning what works and what doesn't so you can make quick changes as needed. However, it can be challenging for small businesses to access the same data and insights that larger competitors have access to on smaller budgets.

Owned and operated platforms are usually sizeable organizations that deeply understand who their audience is as part of their business operations. They can give you insight into their audience and intent when visiting sites. That lets you know how and how well your ads reach relevant customer groups to adjust them accordingly to reach them better.

Makes Distribution More Efficient 

What if you could simplify all your ad updates and distribution using one centralized hub? Now you can with owned and operated platforms. When you place all your ads through one medium, you increase your efficiency, maintain a cohesive tone of voice, and ensure your updates proliferate throughout your content to maintain consistency.

Another advantage of these large platforms is that they offer a broad range of services and ad types. You don't have to choose only one type of medium, nor do you have to bounce between different platforms. Centralizing and consolidating your ad distribution allows you to easily place digital display, audio, and video ads. Your O&O ad platform keeps track of them in a single location. 

Your Brand Through O&O Channels

As a small business owner, you know the value of expertise and efficiency. You have honed your skills to provide your products and services with value in mind. Marketing and ad placement on multiple channels and platforms can be time-consuming and frustrating if it isn't your core competency, as it takes you away from your primary focus. O&O channels can be the solution you need. 

When looking for the best owned and operated ad services, you want to choose a company with a successful track record, deep experience, and a broad reach. McClatchy offers an extensive O&O platform with deep analytics through self-serve and standard advertising. We are the second-largest media company in the U.S., reaching millions daily with extensive local connections and a nationwide reach.

Contact us when you are ready to take control of your ads, optimize your time, and reach your target audience. 

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