McClatchy Aug 15, 2023 11:30:00 AM

Harnessing the Power of OTT & Digital TV for Legal Marketing Success


Though you may not be as familiar with the term, you are probably quite familiar with OTT technology. Over-the-top (OTT) refers to programming accessed via the Internet rather than traditional cable subscriptions. Televisions sold today make accessing free and subscription audio and video streaming services from the menu easy. 87% of homes have one or more internet-connected digital TV (CTV).  

As of 2022, almost 66% of the 18-34-year-old demographic watch CTV each day. That is excellent news for marketers, particularly those for law firms and legal entities. Those in their 20s and 30s will most likely need help with real estate issues, wills and estate planning, and divorce and custody settlements. In this post, we'll examine why streaming advertising for lawyers is a wise addition to their marketing strategy.   

Why Law Firms Should Invest in OTT

As the statistics above show, though the largest audience is younger, a significant portion of people over 55 still view OTT content daily. This demographic often needs help with caregiving issues, updating their estate planning, and, unfortunately, identity theft. Some may have even ignored planning earlier for the next stage of their lives and need help finding someone to help them get their affairs in order.  

However, legal needs aren't restricted to specific age groups. Anyone could need a lawyer, and digital TV is an excellent way to develop brand awareness so that your firm is top of mind for viewers when the need arises. Law firm video marketing is even more effective when combined with search engine marketing (SEM) to make your firm easier to find online and more likely to be clicked on due to brand recognition. 

Other Benefits of OTT for Law Firms

Many people out there need your services but don't know who to turn to. They may be embarrassed and hesitant to reveal their issue, as is often the case with victims of scams, or they may think they can't afford an attorney to help them. Streaming advertising for lawyers is how you let these future clients know that they aren't alone and that you have options to help them. It benefits clients and can help your firm in other ways. 

Helps Achieve Targeted Reach  

Every day there are discoveries and new ways people have been misled, mistreated, injured, or left underserved by individuals and companies. As these problems emerge, you need a way to reach those who may not know legal remedies are available. OTT lets you target your audience by geographic location or most likely clientele by creating ads for people with aging parents to notify them of elder care issues or laws. Your audience needs you, and streaming advertising for lawyers is how you meet them where they spend their time. 

Cost-Effectively Builds Brand Awareness  

Legal marketing can be competitive, but OTT helps put you in front of a dedicated audience with little cost. Law firm video marketing gets noticed by everyone, even those who don't immediately need legal services. The reasonable rates for video content marketing offer flexibility to post your ads where you’d like and build significant brand awareness so that they recognize and remember your firm's name when they do. Clients who are in a panic with urgent needs will automatically call the firm they know through reputation or recent experience, and your ads help ensure you are the first one that comes to mind. 

Provides Better Analytics Data 

Marketing gets even more effective over time when you can utilize qualitative and quantitative insights. OTT provides data that gives you more information about the people you're reaching, insight into impressions, and viewership rates. Understanding where people are in their life, habits, and needs is how you can make the most impact with your marketing. The data collected is critical for reaching customers more effectively with SEM and supporting them in their decision-making process.  

Reaching More Clients With Streaming Advertising for Lawyers 

Your firm is the best at what they do. That's why you understand the value of engaging professionals for specific needs. When you want to leverage the most effective tools, technology, experience, and expertise to reach your ideal clients, a media partner is the answer. They offer the most effective, time-saving, and cost-efficient way to achieve your marketing goals.  

When you need a trusted source to help you develop your ads and manage them for you, McClatchy is the logical answer. We are the nation's second-largest local media firm, giving you access to our extensive audiences, digital strategies, and content sponsorship opportunities. Our team is here for your law firm or legal entity so that you can get your message out to your unique audience.  Contact us today to get started.  

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