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Boosting Online Visibility across Multiple Channels for Wellness Companies

Increasing your wellness brand's digital presence

People are increasingly health conscious and take greater measures to manage their diets and develop exercise routines. For many people, wellness is a personal reflection of who they are, as they find the processes that work for them and become part of their daily habits.

The internet has provided no shortage of research outlets for wellness brands, so establishing authority and engaging customers build trust and grow your brand. Reaching the customers who relate to and reflect your brand will help you earn a dedicated user base and grow your company.

In this post, we’ll discuss how wellness brands can boost their visibility and grow their company across multiple channels by creating marketing materials that resonate with the people you want to reach.

Tips to Build Your Wellness Presence

The digital space is vast, but your wellness brand can reach broad online visibility with proper planning. Here are some tips to do so:

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Focus on Your Target Audience

It’s important to choose your specific corner and build that out due to how broad the internet is. Narrow your focus to resonate deeply with your specific target audience. Wellness is a personal journey, and your presence should reflect that. Be specific about the demographics you cater to and the unique needs your products or services address.

A 65-year-old looking for natural remedies will browse differently than a 25-year-old searching for a vegan fitness regimen. Customizing your content ensures that every click your website gains is a step closer to a potential sale.

Craft Specialized Content

Creating a steady stream of specialized content is your wellness brand's foundation. From in-depth blog posts and infographics to engaging videos and informative email newsletters, content is the bridge between your brand and your customers.

Develop informative, value-driven content that educates and enriches the lives of your audience. Offer solutions, share success stories, and provide tips. This content should promote your products or services and position your brand as a thought leader in the wellness domain.

Leverage Relevant Social Platforms

Your potential customers are talking, sharing, and seeking advice on social media. Be the voice they trust by being present on the platforms where they spend their time. Whether it's Instagram for a younger demographic, Facebook for a community feel, or LinkedIn for a professional network, share your stories and content where they'll be most appreciated.

Social media isn't just about posting and forgetting – it's about engagement. Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and offer advice. These interactions further humanize your brand, fostering a stronger connection by letting people see the company behind your brand.


Utilize Paid Ads Strategically

Paid advertising and targeted display ads, when wielded smartly, can significantly amplify your reach. With McClatchy’s premium audience network, target potential customers interested in wellness content, ensuring that your ads are seen by the audience most likely to engage with them.

Strategically weave keyword-targeted ads into wellness content on search engines and social platforms. These ads should not just sell. They should inform and direct customers to your website with its troves of valuable content.

Nurturing Audience Connections

Consistency in content delivery is critical. Create a content schedule that aligns with your audience's engagement patterns. Whether it's a daily motivational quote or a weekly wellness challenge, ensure your content arrives on a well-planned schedule.

You should also interact with your audience by posing questions, conducting polls, and thanking your customers for their reviews or shout-outs. This active engagement transforms your online presence from a bulletin board to a community hub.

The wellness space is crowded, but not all echo genuine empathy and understanding. Showcasing your brand's authentic voice and values through your content humanizes your digital presence. Share your brand's story, your team's motivations, and your customer's transformations. This authenticity builds trust and brand loyalty.

Grow Your Wellness Brand with McClatchy

Digital visibility is essential to reaching your audience. Each step you take online should be deliberate, customer-centric, and value-driven. Harness the power of consistent, engaging content to cultivate a digital garden where your audience can grow with your brand.

For an even stronger foothold in digital marketing, consider tapping into McClatchy’s Audience Network. Uniting targeted advertising with high-quality editorial content, McClatchy has the expertise and reach to grow your wellness brand's online visibility for you. Reach out today to start fostering your brand's digital growth.


tapping into the mcclatchy premium audience network

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