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Video Marketing for Real Estate: Put a Face to Your Community Presence

Real estate marketing videos

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving and looks incredibly different than it did just five years ago. The goals and approaches people take when buying real estate or approaching the market have changed, which means that real estate agents and agencies must take an entirely different approach to connecting with those in their area or interested in joining their community. In this age of online-first consumer behaviors, video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool at your disposal.

If you're a real estate agent or part of a firm, investing in personal, engaging video content sets you apart from the competition, humanizes your brand, fosters trust, and, most importantly, sells homes. It's an opportunity to narrate stories, provide value, and put a face to the community presence you strive to maintain.

Here's your comprehensive guide to using video marketing to enhance your real estate ventures, strengthen relationships, and drive tangible results.


Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

Real estate video marketing has gone far beyond the occasional slideshow of property images. Today, it's about crafting an experience, enticing emotions, and building a digital connection with potential buyers. When done right, videos can significantly increase the visibility of your listings and, by extension, your realtor brand.

Your video content should align with your marketing strategy, goals, and target audience. Whether you're creating content for YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok, understanding the nuances of each platform's video requirements is vital for success.

Content Marketing Videos

Longer-form and more detailed content marketing videos work well for platforms like YouTube, where you can educate, entertain, and establish authority. They also work well when embedded in your site. These will cover more general topics to help people understand how real estate works as an industry and showcase the process. Potential ideas could be sharing tips to make your bid more effective or what to look for in potential purchases.

Social Media Videos

Shorter and snappier, these videos are for high-impact engagement with platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They can be anything from property highlights to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the buying process. You could showcase a new listing to get quick attention or share quick tips you thought of that would be helpful. Their purpose is short engagement rather than anything in-depth. Getting a lot of attention and comments might make a good topic for a longer video!

finding which platforms attract your target audience checklist

Goals for Your Video Marketing

Every video you create should serve a specific purpose, whether to educate, entertain, or encourage an action from your viewers. For real estate agents, these goals often involve establishing a local presence, sharing real estate expertise, and building personal connections. Real estate is often the fabric of the community, where people buying homes affect the culture of the area they live in – so in framing your agency as part of that fabric, you can connect with the people living there or moving to the area.

When setting goals for your video marketing campaigns, it's crucial to tailor your objectives to your audience's specific needs and interests. For local real estate agents aiming to sell homes, cultivating a strong community presence is a crucial strategy for boosting engagement and showcasing your unique personality. An effective way to achieve this is by creating content that educates potential customers about the local area, current buying trends, and practical tips for navigating the real estate market.

By creatively blending these formats or extracting bite-sized videos from longer content, you can extend the reach and impact of your marketing efforts. This approach helps reinforce your expertise and value and form a more personal and meaningful connection with your audience. With proper planning, you can also create videos at scale so you can achieve granular, community-level marketing nationwide.

Real Estate Marketing Video Ideas

In the digital landscape of real estate marketing, video content captivates and engages potential clients and offers a dynamic way to showcase properties and share valuable insights.

Here are some ideas for making your real estate marketing videos more impactful:

Virtual Tours

Offer potential buyers a comprehensive digital walk-through of the property. By simulating the experience of moving through the home, virtual tours allow viewers to imagine themselves living in the space, increasing their emotional connection to the property. Leverage high-quality video to ensure each room is presented in its best light, paying close attention to the flow from one space to another to create a seamless experience.

Drone Footage

Elevate your property listings with high-definition drone footage that captures the scale, boundary, and context of a property in relation to its surroundings. Whether it's showcasing a stunning waterfront view or the lush greenery of a sprawling estate, drone videos provide a unique perspective that ground-level shots cannot match. This footage is especially compelling for properties with significant land or in picturesque locations.


Incorporate video testimonials from satisfied clients to lend authenticity and depth to your service claims. Hearing directly from others who have successfully bought or sold properties through your guidance adds a layer of trust and personal recommendation that written reviews cannot achieve. Such testimonials can be especially effective when shared on social media or embedded on your website.


Agent Introductions

Create a warm and inviting first impression with an agent introduction video. This format allows you to share your personality, your passion for real estate, and what sets you apart from the competition. A well-crafted introduction video builds a sense of rapport with potential clients before you've even met, breaking down barriers and setting the stage for successful interactions. Homebuyers and sellers need to trust their agent from the start, and a quick video introduction can help reassure them.

Q&A Sessions

Demonstrate your industry knowledge and responsiveness by hosting Q&A sessions where you address common concerns and queries from buyers and sellers. This serves as a valuable resource for your audience and showcases your expertise and approachability. Ensure these videos are easily accessible by featuring them on your website, social media platforms, or video-sharing sites like YouTube.

Staging Tips

Share expert advice on how to prepare homes for sale with short, informative staging tip videos. From decluttering techniques to lighting enhancements, provide actionable tips that sellers can use to make their property more appealing. These videos add value and position you as a knowledgeable and helpful industry leader.

Community Highlights

Capture the essence of the neighborhoods where you sell with videos that spotlight local amenities, schools, parks, and unique attractions. By painting a picture of the community, you help potential buyers visualize the home they're interested in and the lifestyle accompanying it. These videos can significantly influence the decision-making process by showcasing the benefits of the location in addition to the property itself.

Develop Your Community Presence with McClatchy

McClatchy understands the importance of reaching the right audience with real estate marketing efforts. It's not just about the numbers; it's about the meaningful connections you make. Leveraging personalized strategies and the extensive network provided by McClatchy, real estate professionals can ensure their video content packs a punch and resonates with potential clients.

With McClatchy's Premium Audience Network, we can help direct your real estate marketing videos to the communities and audiences most likely to engage and convert, ensuring your efforts aren't just seen but acted upon. From data-driven insights to optimizing your video content for various platforms, McClatchy provides the tools necessary to stand out and succeed in the competitive real estate market.

Reach out to us today to take the first step towards making your mark through video marketing!


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