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Understanding Your Tourism Audience to Personalize Ads to their Travels

Tourism niche marketing

Connecting with your tourism niche market relies on understanding who they are and what excites them. Travel enthusiasts seek different experiences, so knowing their interests is crucial for effective marketing.  Do they like all-inclusive experiences or budget travel for quick getaways? Perhaps they like adventure tourism, such as mountain climbing or safaris.

Understanding their interests, desires, and motivations for travel is essential if you want your ads to capture attention. When attempting to engage with smaller audience subsets, personalization becomes more critical to reach them and get your marketing to resonate with them.

In this post, we'll discuss how to segment your tourism audience so you can personalize their ads. 

Segmenting Your Tourism Niche Market

Segmenting your audience lets you zero in on different subsets of your audience. It helps you determine which traits are specific to each market niche, which allows you to strategize and create more relevant marketing materials. For instance, if you have an audience passionate about cruising, some likely want a family-friendly cruise with activities for all ages. In contrast, others may seek out more of an exclusive, all-adult experience. You must know your potential clients' travel goals to create impactful marketing content.

Here are some of the ways to segment your tourism audience

  • Age – The experience a young or working adult looks for in their trips, whether social activities or length of the trip, is likely very different than that of retired travelers, so segmenting your audience allows you to market in a way that reflects those interests. 
  • Family status – Whether or not your audience has a family will shape their interests, such as concerns about childcare or accommodating younger children, so knowing how to speak to potential concerns or commonly asked questions is critical for engagement. 
  • Gender – Women tend to be more cautious travelers and pay more attention to safety, so highlighting the cleanliness and safety of regions can pique their interest, as will group tours aimed at their preferred activities.
  • Income – Typically, the type of travel varies with income, such as cruises or quick trips for more budget-minded or younger travelers or more frequent or luxury trips for those with more disposable income.
  • Cultures and regions – Different cultures or regions have different holidays and vacation times (much of Europe travels on holiday in August), which shape when they travel or how they want to travel. 

Personalizing Your Tourism Marketing Strategy to Your Audience 

After segmenting your audience, you can take it further by delving into their behaviors and preferences.  

Determine What Their Interests Are

Find out what they would like to see to focus on and what creative content they'd be interested in. Start by identifying factors such as travel preferences and demographics to understand what entices your audience. Several methods of gathering this data include surveys, social media, search history, and more. 

Match to Platforms They Use 

Go where your customers spend their time. Cater your marketing materials to the platforms, websites, and social channels they use so they are more likely to encounter your message. Remember that each platform has different formats and requirements, such as short, attention-grabbing videos for TikTok or longer format videos for YouTube. Instagram and Facebook are great options for engaging with your audience.

Create Email Guides 

Email is still a very effective marketing channel and ideal for sharing travel advice and seasonal trends. Consider doing blogs that highlight the different interests of your customer personas. For instance, you could center your blog on traveling with pets or children, how to pack for long trips in only a carry-on, or the best spots for authentic cuisine.

Highlight Travel Tips and Sustainability 

Share tips on traveling well and sustainably by sharing different customs and things to use.  Use your ads to highlight sustainable packing materials, clothing that travels well, or even the best places for health-conscious eating in major airports. Many travelers are also eager to learn about different customs in other countries so they don't inadvertently offend someone.  

Foster Engagement through Personalization

Finding your tourism niche market is much easier when you have the right tools, techniques, and audience. McClatchy has an extensive digital reach in local and national markets. Our targeted ad solutions have propelled many clients to even greater success.

Contact our team today if you are ready to take your tourism marketing to the next level.

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