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6 Strategies for Effective Mobile Marketing


It is probably not a surprise to most people to learn that 77% of Americans have smartphones. What you may not realize is that 62% of them have purchased items on their mobile devices. We are a nation on the go. It makes sense that smartphones and tablets are increasingly more popular for everything from shopping to research.  

Targeting mobile users is a critical aspect of your business marketing strategy. If you want to understand how to launch a mobile marketing campaign – you've come to the right place.  

In this post, you'll learn the value of leveraging mobile marketing strategies and some of the best tips for implementing them effectively.  

Mobile Marketing Strategies  

Mobile marketing isn't new – but it is still a growing frontier for advertisers. Mobile strategies are even more powerful when combined with other types of advertising. There are, however, a few best practices to observe when advertising to mobile users.  

Let's look at some areas you want to concentrate on to create the most effective campaigns to reach your target customers. 

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Have you ever tried to get on a retailer's website on your smartphone, only to see it is distorted, hard to navigate, or completely unusable? Like most people, the first question is probably, "How do companies not have their websites optimized for mobile users?" Unfortunately, these retailers miss out on huge sales and customer acquisition opportunities due to a poor online experience.  

Optimizing your website for mobile accessibility by letting it scale according to whatever platform customers use is the easiest way to let shoppers browse, buy, or share your site with others.  

2. Make Ads Short, Valuable, and Humorous

Even though people worldwide use their mobile devices for almost everything, they are still their personal devices. That means mobile ads have a high bar to make it worth it for the customer.  

No one wants to scroll to read through a long ad on their phones. The best ads for mobile are concise, quickly providing value or humor to capture and retain the user's attention.  

3. Invest in Native Ads

Native ads are sponsored or paid ads designed to fit seamlessly with the surrounding format, so they don't appear to be advertising. They often look like recommended content, such as an article or blog post. They may also appear in your social feed.  

These ads reach customers when and where their attention is focused, making them highly effective for reaching users when browsing sites on mobile devices.  

4. Use QR Codes for Easy Mobile Access

Quick response (QR) codes are everywhere. They simplify getting information about an item in stores or on visual media by scanning a code that takes you directly to the item on the website without having to search for it.  

Using a QR code is another mobile marketing strategy uniquely suited to smartphone users. They help enhance the customers' shopping experience by making it easy to find what they need, particularly when combined with other ad formats.  

5. Launch Location-Based Ads

Location-based ads use geolocation and geofencing to trigger push notifications when a customer is near a retail establishment. For instance, you may get a coupon code or special offer from one of your favorite stores while they're currently at a mall.  

Location-based ads update based on the general customer location, so they can be more relevant when the user travels or visits a new area. It is also a great way to introduce existing customers to partner locations that may not be available in their regular shopping areas. 

6. Incorporate Mobile Into Lead Generation Efforts

Lead generation is how you keep your customer pool growing and active. However, you need phone numbers for push notifications and text messages.  

When conducting lead generation online, ask for phone numbers and email addresses so customers can opt-in to receive text message ads and promotional emails. It may take longer for someone to check their email, but text messages are easy to glance at and take advantage of, making it a very effective mobile marketing strategy. 

The Most Important Mobile Marketing Strategies for Your Business

We've covered the top strategies to incorporate into your mobile marketing campaigns. However, when you are struggling with launching a mobile marketing campaign, one more approach can help – consulting with an experienced marketing and media expert. McClatchy not only has a strong local reach but one that expands to millions of subscribers nationwide, making us the ideal partner for all your marketing needs.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help launch your next ad campaign using the most effective mobile marketing strategies.  

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