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How to Use Social Media Video for Your Automotive Marketing

Automobile salesperson recording social media marketing video on showroom floor.
  • September 13, 2023


Vehicle purchases are significant investments. Unfortunately for car sellers, that means they tend to have long customer journeys. So, how do auto dealerships help guide customers along their journey and encourage them to purchase? One viable tactic is with car marketing social media video. 

Employing a car dealership marketing video in your campaign is an excellent way to guide potential customers from awareness and consideration to purchase. Social media video helps you nurture leads to encourage them to purchase. It is also helpful in remarketing to past customers to have them add to their garage or upgrade their current vehicles.  

This post will discuss how you can leverage the power of a social media car video to benefit your automotive marketing campaign. 

Using Video in Social Media Marketing for Car Brands

Social media is more than memes, animal videos, and dance challenges. It can be a source of education and awareness. A car marketing social video for automobile brands can provide helpful information to future and former customers. The videos can highlight new comfort or convenience features, show how they were safety tested, or provide customer testimonials.

Understand How Customers Approach These Videos

Though some items lend themselves to selling through social media, car videos work differently. While people don't directly buy from them, this type of media does help supplement sales. Your videos should focus on getting people to your showroom, letting them know your inventory, and alerting them to any supplemental or complimentary items you provide, like car washes or accessories.

Showcase Your Personality (Alongside Your Cars)

Your customers want to know who they are purchasing from. After all, vehicles are a sizeable investment that they entrust their (and their family’s) lives to. Customers want to know they are purchasing from a trustworthy dealership and have someone to turn to for questions or to solve problems. 

While your social media video should showcase what your dealership is selling, it's also an opportunity to create or reinforce your brand voice and personality. Consider incorporating humor and fun into videos to grab the customer's attention. Then, you can educate and inform them of your value proposition to make your dealership stand out. Social media videos for automobile brands can be highly successful, bringing in additional foot and website traffic and encouraging sales.

Lets You Incorporate a Sense of Community

Social media video is an excellent method for establishing your dealership as a local entity. When you reference trends and hobbies in your area, you leverage a sense of community as part of your appeal. For instance, you are in an area known for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or camping. Your video could show how versatile and roomy the vehicle is for carrying equipment and traversing trails or rough terrain, then end with a call to action for customers to see the vehicle in your showroom.   

Creating a sense of community can also be part of a remarketing strategy, where you design videos to appeal to previous customers and those who follow you. Reminding past customers of your brand keeps them returning, especially if you send them reminders to come in for vehicle checkups or inspections. Continuing a relationship with your customers is highly beneficial for earning repeat business. 

Make Social Media Video Part of Your Broader Auto Marketing

Social media video is best as a singular part of your overall marketing strategy. However, it is a perfect complement to your other advertising efforts. Social media marketing for car brands should include a healthy mix of ads, search engine marketing (SEM), display, and videos delivered over streaming devices or television (OTT/CTV) to help enhance its efficacy. When you use the right resources, you improve your chances of having a winning strategy.

How To Leverage Your Car Dealership Marketing Video

Auto marketing video on social media is an excellent way to reach your target customers, educate them on pertinent features, inform them of special deals, and remind them of your value. They help you by putting a face to the dealership, making you more approachable, relatable, and trustworthy. It can put customers at ease, making your brand feel familiar before they ever step foot in the dealership. Even better, these videos can be leveraged for various uses and platforms, such as social media, streaming channels, and display ads.  

The key to their success is getting them in front of the right audience where they have the most impact. McClatchy is the country's second-largest local media company, offering features like customized local audiences, instant access to multi-channel ad placements, and real-time campaign reporting that can help you take your auto marketing to the next level.   

When you are ready to boost sales, improve brand recognition, and improve your marketing ROI, let us show you how easy it can be with the right tools and techniques.

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