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5 Home Builder Marketing Tips for a Competitive Edge

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With demand still high for homes, why is marketing so important to the home-building industry?  

Consider how the typical prospective home buyer finds a home builder. They may see a sign in front of a new home or development and want to know more before. They go online to view their recent properties. Then they research the builder and what their clients say about their satisfaction with the product and the process.  

So, what does your marketing strategy need to include for a competitive edge? Let’s discuss marketing tips for home builders to create a marketing funnel with consistent engagement and higher conversions.  

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Top Marketing Tips for Home Builders  

There are 434,674 home builders in the US as of 2022. That means that your potential client has a wealth of options. You need to know what it takes to capture their attention and convince them that you are the home builder for them. Just as you must have the right tools and skills to deliver a safe, functional, and beautiful home, your marketing strategy has to have the right components to attract qualified leads to your business.  

1. Build a Professional Website  

An attractive home won’t sell if it isn't functional, which is also true of your website. Digital marketing for home builders is critical for attracting new clients, and having an engaging, responsive website is vital. A professional website is easy to navigate, responsive on multiple devices, including mobile, has informative and exciting content, and gives your potential client the next best experience to walking through one of your spec homes.  

  • Include virtual tours - Virtually walk the buyer through the home to let them envision themselves in one of your houses. 
  • Photo galleries - There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to houses, so you'll want to give a broad sampling of your features and capabilities. 
  • Case studies - Give your prospects an overview of working with you from one or more of your clients' perspectives. 
  • Content - Ensure your pictures, videos, and virtual tours are clear, user-friendly, and of the highest quality.  

2. Utilize SEO & SEM  

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) allow people to find your website.  

SEO for home builders is vital for driving traffic to your site and increasing your online visibility organically. Many tools and techniques comprise SEO, including Google My Business, one of the tools available for companies to create and manage their Google business profiles. An online presence on Google is fundamental to your SEO strategy. Google currently holds 92.42% of the global search engine market share. 

SEM goes hand in hand with SEO to raise visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) through paid ads. It boosts organic traffic and ensures that your brand is prominent when someone searches for a homebuilder in their area. Google's algorithm for organic site rankings changes frequently. Using SEM keeps your company name highly visible at the top of the first SERP.  

3. Try Social Media Marketing   

Social media is a must in marketing for home builders to generate leads. Professional sites like LinkedIn present your business as established and credible. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media sites, ideal for creating engagement. Houzz highlights products, designers, and homebuilders with stunning visual representations of your work and stories about the project. Social media expands your visibility and reach and allows you to interact with the public.  

4. Use Email Marketing   

Email marketing is a very effective way to market your home-building business. Before an interested home buyer reaches the point of searching for a builder, they will respond to an email. Opt-ins for new home offer emails have doubled since 2020, from 14‑20% to 28‑40% in 2022. Email marketing is not only cost-effective but ideal for lead nurturing.  

5. Grow with Reputation Management   

Ensure you stay on top of how your business is perceived in the public eye. One bad review or unfavorable comment can impact your reputation. Partner with an experienced reputation management partner to help you with every aspect of your business's online reputation, from reviews and mentions to listings. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Marketing 

Demand for new homes is cyclical and can be much like the proverbial feast or famine. And don't forget about the ever-growing competition for the same buyers. Effective marketing for home builders aims to reduce the usual challenges and put the competition behind you for more qualified leads and better ROI on your marketing spend.  

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