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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Drive new leads with marketing for search engines.

Meet people at the exact moment they have a need as they search for answers.

SEM for McClatchy

Self-service advertising gives businesses more control with features like instant access to ad placements, real-time reporting, and brand-safe content alignment.

Experience the ease of advertising with our user-friendly platform, designed to provide access for businesses of all sizes. You don't need to be a marketing expert – our self-service solution is here to simplify the process for you.

Say goodbye to complex marketing strategies. Our platform is built for simplicity, saving you time and effort. Enjoy the convenience of managing your campaigns with just a few clicks.

Multi-Channel Advertising
Diversify your reach with access to various advertising channels. From social media to online platforms, our self-service advertising solution gives you the flexibility to choose the channels that align with your business goals.

Why Work with Us for SEM?

We help you achieve quick results and use ad extensions to reach your target audience and get the best ROI for your campaign.


What Our Customers Say

Our McClatchy marketing strategies have become our #1 source for leads - what a great ROI!

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