Multichannel Advertising in San Luis Obispo

Unique audience, strategic digital, consultative marketing, dedicated creative, local content sponsorship and more. Find out how you can boost your business by working with the premier media company in San Luis Obispo.




See how many readers The Tribune reach online, in print, and throughout the web.

1.1M Digital Monthly Visitors
15K Weekly Print Readers
10K Newsletter Subscribers

Why Us

Our digital reach continues to grow in San Luis Obispo and is backed by the strength of McClatchy’s network of news sites across the country where we serve trusted content to millions of unique visitors each month. No matter where your audience is, we know how to connect with them. 

With direct access to digital media, newsletters, social, podcasts and more, this is your chance to reach our engaged audiences and gain valuable exposure alongside our local news and sports coverage, features and valued syndicated content.


icons-blue-circles-social SOCIAL MEDIA

Engage users and grow your presence across your most popular social platforms, building your brand in San Luis Obispo and beyond.

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icons-blue-circles-digital-tv DIGITAL TV (OTT & CTV) Leverage connected TV with cross-device inventory on a premium ecosystem of full-episode player sites and apps.
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icons-blue-circles-web WEB DEVELOPMENT Create responsive websites with performance and usability for positive online engagements from San Luis Obispo-based website visitors.
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icons-blue-circles-native NATIVE & BRANDED CONTENT Build trust by positioning your high-quality content alongside The Tribune's award-winning journalism.
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icons-blue-circles-programmatic PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING Effectively and efficiently reach targeted audiences with digital banner ads across a broad network of sites.
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icons-blue-circles-video VIDEO PRE-ROLL Tell your story, reaching audiences in San Luis Obispo and beyond on a diverse network of sites before they watch sought-after content.
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icons-blue-circles-recruitment STAFFING SOLUTIONS Find the right talent for your team quickly and easily by leveraging a platform of recruitment solutions across the San Luis Obispo area.
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icons-blue-circles-geofencing SEM Compete with the top results in search engines and generate quality leads with targeted, localized keyword strategies.
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icons-blue-circles-seo SEO Improve site usability and relevance to rank higher in searches, letting customers in San Luis Obispo find you organically.
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icons-blue-circles-audio DIGITAL AUDIO Connect with audience on the move through local programming like Woke Wars, Longshot: Payback, and more.
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icons-blue-circles-email EMAIL MARKETING Inbox access via high-quality, double-opted-in lists and best practices for localized subjects, content and deployment.
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icons-blue-circles-reputation REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Our team will work to manage reviews and correct inaccuracies about your business in San Luis Obispo and across the web.
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