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Incorporating Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing Videos

Incorporating Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing Videos.

There is a reason that brand storytelling helps put customers at the center of your advertising arcs. It's all in the way people relate to information. Stories create familiar patterns that our brains recognize, making them powerful for communicating and encouraging memory retention. A good story helps people put themselves in the narrative and lets them relate more impactfully to the topic. 

Rich mediums like video marketing are an excellent way to convey your brand or product's value proposition. Building and enriching your business's online presence with video storytelling in marketing enables you to connect with customers. Because stories are easier to retain than a list of details, they also promote brand recognition. In this post, we'll show you how to tell brand stories easily and effectively by incorporating brand storytelling in your marketing videos.

How Brand Storytelling Puts Your Company Ahead

Brand storytelling is the complete narrative of your brand's advertising. It focuses on what is essential to the viewer as it walks them through their customer journey. Every person considering a purchase goes through five stages:  

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration 
  • Conversion 
  • Retention 
  • Advocacy 

While we all experience these stages, each person may stay in one or more stages longer than others. A story can expedite the process from awareness to conversion by allaying fears and answering questions. Equally as important, it can solidify your brand's value, creating long-term customer relationships. As you cultivate these relationships, your repeat customers can become your most powerful advocates, giving other potential customers insight into doing business with your company.  

Video Marketing's Role in Brand Storytelling

Video marketing can be one small piece of your brand's overarching story, but the richness of its content can let it tell its own story. Consider all the times you've stumbled across a video ad that explained how to solve a problem you've had. You may not have even known there was a product, tool, or method that would make your life or work easier until you encountered it. Using video storytelling in marketing can be a microcosm of brand storytelling, creating an information-rich source that hooks you by solving an issue. Then, as you learn more, it creates a desire to learn more about the brand that made the content.  

Using Video to Tell a Story 

Video is a perfect opportunity to convey a lot of rich details about your value as a brand and insight into what kind of company you are in an engaging way. To fully leverage the power of video, it needs to include some specific insight into your brand. 

What Sets Your Company Apart  

Coffee shops are a dime a dozen in most cities. To attract customers to your coffee shop, you must express why yours is superior to the big chains. Do you have single-source beans, or do your baristas provide personalized service? Convey what you're good at and why customers should work with you by introducing them to your unique selling point.   

Information About Your Products or Service  

When you create marketing content, you should have a good handle on who your ideal customer is and what they value. Your video must show them that your company, products, and services represent those shared values. If you produce products with eco-conscious materials and packaging, give them insight into how you source those items. Inform people clearly so they will have no confusion.  

Consistent Branding and Visuals 

Consistency creates familiarity. Think of Flo in the Progressive commercials.  Without even hearing the insurance company name, most people who enjoy television will automatically think of it by just seeing the familiar cast of characters and the over-the-top situations in their commercials. Use consistent logos, actors,  and themes to connect them to a bigger part of your brand story.  

Placement on Channels Your Customers Use  

Meeting your customers where they spend their time is another essential way to create a lasting impression. Not only does it increase your chances of being seen, but video also gives business owners a rich source of data that helps them increase their ad efficacy. Videos provide superior value with their flexibility. Companies can share the same content via Over the Top (OTT) media, streaming, social media, or online to reach customers where they are the most receptive.  

Consider this when crafting your value proposition so that it reflects theirs. Use your brand messaging to demonstrate your understanding of their needs, show how your services meet them, and leave enough room to let them conclude they need your services.

Video Solves the Problem of How To Tell Brand Stories Effectively

Knowing what you need to do and executing it can be two very different things, particularly regarding video storytelling in marketing. McClatchy has expertise in developing unique video marketing for your company. We have the experience, knowledge, tools, and reach critical for creating high-quality content that gives your business a competitive advantage. Contact us to learn more about how McClatchy’s experts can help you reach your target audience with impactful brand stories.  


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