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Creating Interactive Digital Marketing Experiences

Creating Interactive Digital Marketing Experiences.

There are a variety of mediums available to businesses for getting their messages out to their target audience. Many effective advertising mediums are passive. However, customers prefer interactivity, as it makes your brand seem fun and exciting. The bonus is that it also improves your brand memorability. 

Engagement is vital in creating and nurturing a lasting relationship with your customers. When you create a way to communicate with your audience, it helps them learn about your brand and makes them feel part of something interesting as opposed to being simply a recipient of a sales effort. Digital marketing is a highly beneficial way to achieve this engagement.  

This post will explain how to provide interactive customer experiences with your digital marketing, why it is beneficial, and how it increases brand image and memorability. 

Benefits of Creating Interactive Digital

Digital marketing allows your customers to interact and engage with your business. Think of what happens when your audience must click on your message – that in itself is them interacting with your content.  

But that's not all the advantages that you get with digital marketing. Aside from the boost to your brand image and customer relationships, it’s also an opportunity to do the following: 

  • Increase and measure engagement - Adding interactive elements like games, polls, surveys, calculators, or quizzes can encourage audience participation and give you valuable information and insights regarding the most effective platforms, customer behavior, and how to connect with your target customer demographic. 
  • Provide unique customer experiences - Based on reactions or responses to your interactive content, you can gain inputs to inform future content and shape it to provide a unique experience for each participant.  
  • Use gamification to make your brand more memorable - Introducing gameplay into informative content makes it seem fun and less like advertising. Including playful elements like competitions or interactive storytelling brings the content to life and makes it immersive, increasing your brand memorability.

Tips for Making Marketing Interactive

There are multiple ways to make digital marketing more interactive – whether on their desktop or mobile – to connect with audiences more effectively and memorably. What is important is ensuring you choose the type of content that resonates with your customers and aligns with your brand mission, values, and goals.  

Make Interactive Content  

Creating content that resonates means finding what your target audience responds to. You could use quizzes or polls on your website or social media. You could also use calculators that help them solve a problem, get to the next step, or help them find what they need more quickly. Calculators and polls are great ways to more efficiently gauge customer response to products, services, or ads.  

Make Your Company Available  

Being approachable and available are massive selling points for any company. You can achieve this by engaging with customers on social media or making contact resources easy to find and seamless to reach out to your company. Some options are special chat boxes for online help or hashtags to notify you on social media that a customer has a comment or question.  

Incorporate Game Elements into Marketing  

Everyone loves a good deal, and it is even better if they get it by doing something they would do anyway or engaging in a fun activity. Giving your customer points or rewards for interacting or purchasing from your brand is a great way to encourage interaction. However, be cautious about the rewards you offer. They must be real and perceived as beneficial to improve your brand image rather than hurt it.  

Personalize Marketing to Send Relevant Suggestions  

You already know digital marketing provides so much useful data to help improve the customer experience and the efficacy of your message. But it also provides another valuable benefit. You can use your customer data to provide personalized experiences that involve your target audience on more of a subconscious level. The right software, reach, and expertise can make a difference when crafting the most effective marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Provide Interactive and Memorable Customer Experiences with McClatchy

When you want to increase reach, gain market penetration, and increase customer awareness and interaction, you need the right tools and guidance to achieve the best return on investment (ROI).  

McClatchy can help by increasing your impact on local audiences by making marketing interactive. As the second-largest local media company in the country, we have the unique ability to connect you with a deep local audience and an impressive reach of digital visitors, video views, and social media followers. If you are ready to take your interactive digital marketing to the next level and grow your audience engagement, reach out to us today.

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