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Healthcare Campaign Success: How One Agency Won 200,000 Impressions with Digital Solutions

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The biggest challenges healthcare practices face today are differentiation, stigma, and client skepticism. In fact, NORC's Survey of Trust found both physicians and the public distrust the U.S. healthcare system.

To combat this issue — which the report notes have increased since the pandemic — healthcare practices must turn to marketing like super-targeted OTT advertising trends to remain competitive and differentiate themselves. One healthcare agency, Stanislaus County Health Services Agency, used digital advertising solutions with McClatchy to spread awareness for a campaign, leading to success.

Here is a case study overview of the challenge they faced, the solution McClatchy helped them execute, and the results they achieved to integrate themselves into the future of healthcare marketing.

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The Challenge:

Stanislaus (California) County Health Services Agency needed to raise awareness about the dangers of nicotine addiction among children due to the use of flavored nicotine products.

Stanislaus (California) County Health Services Agency is a federally-qualified health center dedicated to the health and wellness of the Stanislaus community. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has mentioned in their report, nicotine use has become an epidemic in California — with 36.5% of high schoolers in California reporting they currently use 'any tobacco product' (including flavored e-cigarettes) and 6% reported smoking cigarettes specifically.

Stanislaus County, like many healthcare practices, needed to get its messages across to combat the increasing problem. The best way to do it is with digital marketing.

The Solution:

Target a high-impact video and display campaign to Stanislaus County households via one of the best OTT advertising platforms, Hulu, McClatchy publisher websites and other websites, and targeted e-blasts.

The solution to the rising nicotine problem in California was to work closely with McClatchy to deliver the essentials of healthcare marketing, like highly-impactful messages via popular marketing channels like email, OTT audience targeting, and website display ads.

These solutions were implemented because they have a track record of success:

  • Average email open rates are among the highest in the Health, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech industry (21%)
  • Higher than many other industries, health-related display ads earn an average click-through rate (CTR) of 5.94%
  • Due to the hyper-targeting nature of OTT ads for healthcare, Stanislaus County Health Services Agency could better target the area's youth with important messages about the dangers of nicotine, particularly starting with the flavored nicotine products that taste better than cigarettes (causing their addiction).

The Results:

With the help of McClatchy digital services, Stanislaus County Health Services Agency delivered its message and successfully raised nicotine awareness with almost 200,000 impressions and a 96% VCR.

Of the nearly 200,000 video impressions delivered on OTT/Connected TV devices, 96% were viewed all the way through to the end, with 71% of those views specifically on Hulu. Each marketing initiative brought more attention to flavored nicotine products, helping Stanislaus County deliver the message that the tobacco industry is preying on a young audience and creating early addictions with popular flavors.

Email, OTT, and display ads are sure-fire ways other healthcare practices can achieve the same winning results. That's why 89% of marketers use email in their strategy, OTT advertising spend is expected to jump to $250 billion by 2023, and more than half (55%) of U.S. companies use display ads. 

What are the benefits of each digital solution? Better reach, brand awareness, ad recall, and effectiveness. As qualified specialists ourselves, McClatchy has decades of experience in helping businesses with solid marketing strategies that work. Contact McClatchy to learn more about how a partnership with our team can get your brand in front of the right audience and increase healthcare marketing ROI.

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