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Video Pre-Roll Ads

Leverage the world's second largest search engine.

Video ads on YouTube and beyond allow you to engage your audience and focus on building brand awareness.

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Over 90% of people surveyed around the world reported that they discover new brands or products through YouTube, including through pre-roll video ads.

We target audiences by demographic, life events, interests, behaviors or channels.

Your ads will run through the cost-per-view buying model, so you'll only pay for completed video views or actions taken. Ads that are skipped have the benefit of a delivered impression, but are not counted as completed views.

Why Advertise with Us?

We'll help your brand be seen and provide a holistic, results-driven marketing strategy that works for you.


What Our Customers Say

We noticed an immediate uptick in web traffic and engagement with the campaign launch. Access to the dashboard and monthly reports provide invaluable analytics to quantify results. We were excited to recently renew our contract with McClatchy.

McClatchy Client
South Carolina
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