Supercharge B2B Lead Gen Efforts by Targeting Buyers Demonstrating Intent

There are businesses in active research mode for your company's products or services. But how do you prioritize which leads to focus on?

Intent-driven lead generation allows companies to bypass generating awareness with broad audiences and communicate directly with buyers as they research and evaluate solutions that align with their business.

Marketers experience 3x to 5x greater impact than average by utilizing intent-driven audience and data technology



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Discover the Next Generation of Lead Management

McClatchy’s Next Leads intent-driven lead gen service allows companies to engage with buyers in our network using relevant content as they research and evaluate solutions that align with their customer’s business services.

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McClatchy Next Leads: Where Data Science and Audience Reach Intersect


Intent driven market intelligence targets purchasers demonstrating active interest.


Take the guesswork out of marketing by nurturing relevant leads and driving demand through content touch points.


Convert more leads by automatically sourcing a defined number of monthly leads.

Accelerate B2B Growth with Intent Data

Utilize intent data to prioritize your leads, waste less time, and close more deals with the same sales effort.


Measure engagement and interaction across the campaign to give you the best leads possible. Identify the intensity of research spikes compared to the normal behavior of a business and a topic.


Customize the number of leads and frequency to optimize the delivery of your campaign. Lead management methodology deploys an advanced AI to verify the information and ensure bots are excluded prior to delivery.


Segment leads by lead type, product or service, and channel. Demonstrate value to leads by establishing a series of strategic messages and content to activate leads.

Intent Data Insights

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