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Increasing Customer Financial Knowledge through Content Marketing

Content marketing for financial services

Money is a sensitive issue, so finding a trustworthy finance company can be a concern. Customers want to feel secure that they've picked the right business to help them with their money. How do you tell them that your company is right for them? The answer is content marketing. 

Content marketing for financial services helps raise your brand's visibility and lets the local community know what you offer. It adds credibility so consumers feel confident that your business will be there when they need you.

In this post, we'll show you how finance companies can focus on improving customer knowledge and building trust through content marketing. 

Content Marketing for Financial Services 

Content marketing allows your financial services firm to share knowledge and helpful advice with your customers. It will enable customers to learn more about your business and the industry to make better decisions. Providing a valuable service without trying to sell anything helps them feel they can trust you. 

Your content should be helpful and informative, matching the experience level of your audience. Segmenting your customers allows you deep insight into their various demographics, behaviors, wants, and needs so that you can provide the advice most helpful to them at every stage of their lives.  Concentrate on providing new information and valuable tips. Consider some of the following topics: 

  • Simplifying the stock market - Investing is a mystery to many, so make it more approachable and less intimidating by explaining how it works and how to get started so that they feel ready to broach the subject with a knowledgeable financial advisor. 
  • Planning for retirement - Let your customers know they can never start planning for their dream retirement too early.
  • Understanding debt & Managing loans - Whether your customers are just starting out in life or trying to rebuild their finances, learning how debt can affect them and the importance of managing their loans is critical.
  • Credit scores - Customers need to understand the importance of keeping a good credit score and how it can affect everything from securing a good job to having a home of their own. 
  • Budgeting savings - Help your customers understand that savings can be as easy as allocating just a few dollars out of each check. 

Financial Content Ideas 

So, what types of content marketing for financial services are most effective? Using a multi-pronged approach is best.

Blog Posts 

By diving deep into topics like financial planning, investment strategies, managing credit, and retirement plans, financial firms can offer valuable insights to their audience. These posts serve as pillars of knowledge, building trust and authority in the field.

Educational Videos and Webinars 

Complex financial concepts can be made easy with short, snappy videos or engaging webinars to break down these ideas into bite-sized pieces.  It's all about demystifying finance in an engaging and understandable way so that they are accessible and easily digestible for viewers.

eBooks and Guides 

Free resources become go-to references (as does your business for providing them) for customers seeking to enhance their financial literacy. They guide individuals to better understand and manage their finances, giving them in-depth and accessible resources to return to whenever they need.


Who says finance has to be dull? Infographics inject color and creativity into data, making concepts like budgeting or compound interest engaging. It's a visually stimulating way to grasp essential financial principles without drowning in numbers and industry jargon.

Email Newsletters 

Email newsletters packed with financial insights, market updates, and expert advice help customers stay in the loop, keeping them engaged and informed. You can act like a financial advisor in their inbox, helping them make good decisions with their money. They can stay updated with the latest trends and know what changes to make or new investments they have available.

Interactive Tools

Empower customers with tools to make informed decisions. Loan calculators, investment projections, and budget planners put the power in their hands, helping them understand the intricacies of financial choices. These can help them avoid being surprised by hidden fees or insufficient money to complete their purchase.

Social Media Campaigns

Bite-sized tips, industry news, and Q&A sessions create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, making financial literacy accessible and interesting. It's education with a social twist, reaching audiences where they already spend their time.

Optimize Your Content Marketing for Financial Services 

McClatchy has the expertise to help your financial services firm connect with your desired audience. Our team focuses on helping your business reach its marketing goals through targeted advertising solutions. We are here when you are ready to take your content marketing for financial services to the next level. Contact us today to get started.


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