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McClatchy's Ad Manager allows advertisers on a budget to reach a larger targeted audience and control all aspects of their advertising. With features like real-time campaign reporting, instant access to ad placements and brand-safe content alignment, it's a holistic approach to marketing that is perfect for attracting new and existing customers.

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Key Features:

  • Self-Service Platform
  • Real-Time Campaign Reporting
  • Instant Access to Ad Placements
  • Creative Builder
  • Brand Safe Content Alignment
  • Supports Sustainable Local Journalism

The Power of Local

Now you can connect your business to our desirable local audiences and control all aspects of your advertising with a hands-on approach that enables you to launch campaigns quickly and optimize performance to maximize results.


Do You Want Convenience & Control Over Your Advertising?

Look no further - Our new platform makes ad placement and campaign management easier than ever before. McClatchy Ad Manager puts you back in the driver’s seat by giving you direct control of your campaigns. This simple and effective approach gives you the power to deploy scalable media solutions that will reach a loyal audience and help drive results for your business


Advertise Across Multiple Platforms

  • Print Advertising 
  • McClatchy Digital Display
  • Google Search Ads
  • Targeted Audience Email Marketing


  • Google Display Network
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Programmatic Display Inventory

How it Works

Here's a quick look at how Ad Manager works. The first release is here and we hope you'll give it a try! 

Define Your Duration

Choose when and how long your campaign will run. 

Customize Your Audience

Tailor your campaign to the target locations and demographics you want to reach. 

Define Your Budget

Control your ad budget to meet your marketing objectives. 

Upload Your Creative

Submit creative directly to Ad Manager for quick and easy uploads. 

Enter Your Payment

Fast and secure payment with all major credit cards. 

Monitor in Real-Time

Get up-to-date information about your campaign performance.

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